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1 (416) 777-9005
1 (888) 514-9136

You can purchase units of the Acker Finley Select US Value 50 Fund or the Acker Finley Select Canada Focus Fund directly through our dealer Acker Finley Inc. if you have at least $150,000 to invest.

You can invest through Acker Finley Inc. ("Acker Finley") by either our Wealth Management Services or via our Offering Memorandum Funds.

One of the benefits of investing through Acker Finley is that there are no front-end or deferred sales charges on your purchases. You also receive:

  • Consultation with a knowledgeable investment advisor
  • Access to Acker Finley’s full team of investment specialists
  • Ability to conduct transactions by telephone
  • Personalized, quarterly performance reports
  • Online access to your accounts, which are updated daily
  • Monthly fund reports
  • Quarterly Review & Strategy newsletter

To invest in Acker Finley Offering Memorandum funds through Acker Finley:

  • Contact Acker Finley at 1-888-514-9136 or 416-777-9005. We’ll make the process as simple as possible for you.

  • Upon your request, we’ll send you account forms and the applicable offering documents for signature. You can also download the Offering Memorandum and Subscription Agreement here:
  • Send the completed forms to the following address:

  • Once we receive your forms, we’ll open your account and make your fund purchase for you.
  • Acker Finley Asset Management Inc.
    181 University Ave., Suite 1400
    Toronto, ON
    M5H 3M7